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Adopt a beehive

We have been thinking for a long time to give people the chance to own a hive without any concern. In our case, we fell in love with bees at first sight.

Sometimes you might not even trust organic products because you cannot control their quality or how they are made. We thought that it would be best if you could monitor the process from start to finish. Done!

We came to the “Adopt a hive” idea randomly. Talking with friends, we realised that we often want to buy something healthy for oneself and the family and that we don’t really know how to make the right choice: you want a natural product, without additives, sugar, artificial colours and preservatives or any other harmful substances.

What do you get if you adopt a beehive?

Promotional package
Free shipping (Romania)
10% discount for 2021 
Ownership certificate
We personalise the beehive with your name

🐝The bee’s wisdom, patience, hard work, mathematical organization, and communication have always amazed us and been our source of inspiration.

🐝lbert Einstein said that “if bees were to disappear from Earth, Humanity would face the same fate 4 years later”. Anemophilous pollination, with the help of the wind, accounts for 20% of all pollinated plants, the remaining 80% being entomophilic, that is, carried out by insects, and bees have a weighting of 77%, the rest is made by bumblebees, butterflies, ants, etc …

🐝 Considering that an average bee visits, in just 4,000 flowers a day, a family can reach 60-80 million flowers per day.

This role of bees, pollination, has the greatest impact on the surrounding environment.

Without pollination we would not have fruits and vegetables. The animals would not be able to feed themselves, the air we breathe would become more and more toxic, the plants would disappear.

This is the reason why we thought of the project “Adopt a hive”.

What does it mean to “adopt a beehive”?

– A financial investment of 500 RON, which presents the cost of the beehive, its preparation and maintenance to be populated.

– You recover your investment immediately (you receive the promotional package “Adopt a beehive”: 1 jar of linden honey 300g, 1 jar of acacia honey 300g, 1 jar of polyfloral honey 300g, 1 jar of ecologic creamed honey 260g, 1 jar of ecologic creamed honey with ginger and propolis 260g, 1 jar of ecologic strawberry creamed honey 260g, 1 jar of ecologic creamed honey with seabuckthorn 260g, 1 jar of ecologic creamed honey with cinnamon 260g, 1 jar of creamed honey with Criollo cacao.

– Delivery is free (in Romania) for the promotional package .

– You will receive a 10% discount on the following orders until the end of 2021.

– You receive an honorary certificate of ownership.
– Your name will appear on the hive.
– Protect nature and make sure the bees do not disappear “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything.” Why do we do this?
First of all, to honor the importance of bees and to help them continue to feed and protect nature, and people to start loving them.

Secondly, to encourage the consumption of Romanian honey. Romanian people are consuming on average 500 gr/ year. In Europe and Germany, respectively, a person consumes 2.3 kg of honey/ year.

Honey means health, and that’s what we want to offer.

And last but not least, through this project we want to develop and promote the local honey producer. We believe that this project can be replicated anywhere by any beekeeper.

For whom is the role of beehive owner?

– For any family that wants to use certified organic honey.

 – For a person who wants to make a unique and meaningful gift.

 * Note: From a legal point of view, the hives cannot be alienated, therefore the hive remains our property, and you will receive an honorary diploma attesting to your involvement in supporting local producers and helping in saving and maintaining the number of bees.

In case you encounter difficulties, contact us by email con[email protected] or on WhatsApp at +40761 655 559/ +40785 957756

If you like the project and want to help someone own it, don’t hesitate to pass it on and share this article.

The adoption period remains open until the maximum number of hives on the farm. Hives adopted: 70% We would like you to come to understand and love bees as much as we love them through Urban Bee products and stories. We are here to provide health and happiness through honey.

BEE healthy, BEE Happy

Best regards,

Mihoci Family!

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