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Honey cream

The process by which honey crystallizes is normal and occurs due to the presence of sugar in the composition of honey. This crystallization process is given by the presence of monohydrate glucose crystals that vary in number, shape, size and quality with the composition of honey and how the latter is stored.

The lower the water level in the honey composition and the higher the glucose content, the faster the crystallization process.

Honey cream contains a significant number of small crystals, obtained by breaking large crystals in the composition of crystallized honey (polyflora, lime, sunflower).

The first method of obtaining honey cream was patented in 1935 by Elton J. Dyce.

The process of obtaining the product is one that does not change the qualities of honey at all but only the texture. Thus, honey cream has a fine and creamy consistency, only good to put on bread in the morning.

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